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There are some updates in LGM Finder... 💥

We have some great news to share with you: we've taken into account your feedbacks and recently made some adjustments into LGM Finder, our ABM tool integrated directly into La Growth Machine.

Here’s what’s new:
  • Exclusion of already contacted leads: you can now exclude the leads you've already contacted from your lists.
  • New industry filtering: you can now exclude some industries from your searches and use AND/OR filters to further refine your results.
LGM-Finder-filters.png 303.02 KB

To know more about the feature, take a look at the dedicated page!

*This feature is available as a beta on all plans.

Introducing LGM Finder, our new ABM tool integrated directly into La Growth Machine... 🔍

We are thrilled to announce the release of LGM Finder, our new turnkey ABM solution! Now, take your segmentation to the next level and identify the leads within companies that match your ideal client profile—all without leaving La Growth Machine!

Contact leads that match your ICP 🎯
Why waste time with leads that don't meet your expectations? With advanced segmentation capabilities, LGM Finder helps you pinpoint the perfect leads in your target companies, ensuring your campaigns are more effective and focused.

Little extra: this is 100% GDPR-compliant as we rely on comprehensive and always up-to-date data!

How does it work?
  1. Play with filters: search for companies that match your ideal customer profile by filtering by industry, size, or location.
  2. Find the right contacts: identify the right contacts within these companies and select the most interesting ones for you.
  3. Launch your campaign: import these contacts into a new audience and launch your hyper-personalized campaign.

Overview (2).png 230.15 KB

To know more about the feature, take a look at the dedicated page!

*This feature is available as a beta on all plans.

Add hyper-personalization with Custom Messages 💬

Just a few weeks after launching the calls, we decided to push hyper-personalization even further with the introduction of a brand new manual task: Custom Messages 🎉 Now, you can choose the messages you want to personalize or review after your campaign has been launched!

Automating your prospecting does not mean losing personalization, quite the opposite!
Sending personalized messages to your prospects increases your chances of response, and enables you to build strong and durable relationships. With Custom Messages, personalize your messages even after your sequence has been launched, and adapt your communication for each lead based on the evolution of their needs and the most recent information.

So, how does it work?
  1. Build your sequence from scratch or use any template from the catalog.
  2. Choose the message to personalize in your sequence by clicking on "Customize before sending".
  3. Launch your campaign.
  4. When it’s time to write your message, the sequence stops to let you take action. You can see all pending tasks in the "Tasks" interface.
  5. Once done, the sequence resumes.
custom-messages.png 153.76 KB

To know more about the feature, take a look at the dedicated page!

*This feature is available from the Pro plan.

Introducing Social Warming on LinkedIn 👍

It's all new: you can now do Social Warming on LinkedIn, 100% automatically directly in La Growth Machine. The "Like" and "Follow" blocks have been added to the feature catalog.

Say goodbye to cold prospecting 👋 Now make yourself known to your target even before your first interactions! 

Why using it?
  • Your prospect begins to recognize you gradually. 
  • This makes them more inclined to respond or start a conversation. 
  • They are more likely to trust you, especially compared to your competitors. 
    Result: you significantly improve your conversion rate!

So, how does it work?
  1. Choose the dedicated Social Warming template or build your sequence from scratch and add a "Like" and a "Follow" blocks. 
  2. Make sure to set up the right time variable for the "Like" block.
  3. Launch your campaign.

*This feature is available on all plans, as a beta version.

Don't miss any manual task ⏰

Now that you can add call tasks to your LGM campaigns, we've added a handy update to ensure you don't miss any of them: receive an email each morning with all the new calls to make and messages to review!
Prepare your keyboard, there's no reason to miss a chance to connect with your leads!

🔔 Manage you identity alerts subscriptions

If there are multiple members logged into the same account, you might receive an email with new tasks to do from a colleague or see a persistent notification bubble for unread messages in the LGM inbox regarding an identity that isn't yours. 
🙅‍♀️ Now, choose which emails and notifications you want to receive, making sure they're actually relevant to YOU.

Notification subscriptions

Ps: If your colleague is on leave and you need to take over their client portfolio, no worries, just subscribe to notifications for their identities and in less than 2 seconds, you'll have access to their alerts again.

💪 Others fixes and Improvements 

  • You can import the same SalesNavigator list into the same audience again
  • Fixed detection of LinkedIn Premium and SalesNavigator accounts
  • Fixed imports of people who follow my company and participate into an event
  • Fixed synchronization of information in CRMs after enriching a lead

One phone call away from your next customer... 📞

At La Growth Machine, we truly believe that a human approach is game-changing when it comes to prospecting, especially when you're reaching out to a high-potential audience. That's why we're thrilled to announce that we just released a new manual task: calls!

But why implementing manual tasks in an automation tool? 🤔
Adding a little personal touch can make all the difference and help you to create powerful conversations with your prospects. With manual call tasks, take personalization to the next level, while continuing to automate time-consuming processes 🚀

So, how does it work?
  1. Build your sequence or use a template that includes a "Call" block.
  2. Launch your campaign.
  3. When a call task comes up, the sequence stops to let you make the call. You can see all pending call tasks in the "Tasks" interface.
  4. Once done, the sequence resumes.
LGM-calls.png 119.13 KB

To know more about the feature, take a look at the dedicated page!

*This feature is available on all plans, as a beta version.
New Improved Fixed
5 months ago

LGM's Latest update: Deeper Analysis, variables translation and more! 🤩

🚀 Refine Your Campaign Analysis Even Further

Exciting news for all users! The "Statistics" tab in your campaigns has received a significant upgrade. 🚠

Starting today, you'll have the ability to track the number of leads that have successfully converted from each channel or message. 🤩 This enhancement not only makes it easier to pinpoint the most effective channel in terms of response rate but also helps in identifying which one leads to the highest conversion rates.You can now determine if your leads convert more after the 2nd or 3rd message.

In essence, these new analytical capabilities offer a more granular view of your campaign's performance, enabling you to fine-tune your prospecting strategies more effectively. 

It's time to ignite your prospecting efforts with these powerful insights! 🔥🙂

🎤 Gender variables are now translated into Spanish and German!

Customizing messages is crucial when conducting outreach. That's why, at La Growth Machine, we encourage you to use variables in your messages.

Following your feedback, we realized that limiting translations to French and English could be restrictive.
Some of you had to resort to using custom variables to translate genders. 👇

But not anymore – we now translate them into German and Spanish as well! Enjoy 😉

new email settings.gif 699.84 KB

💪 Others fixes and Improvements 

  • Fixes for LGM Cloud beta
  • Correction of DMARC/SPF/DKIM certificate checks
  • Error on the lead unsubscribed trigger from the inbox.
  • Fixes for some Outlook accounts - some replies were missed.
  • Improve Out of Office detection
  • Improve SMTP connection
  • UI Improvements

Correcting Character Overruns in LinkedIn Invites with The Growth Machine

Including a personalized invitation note in your LinkedIn contact request is something we definitely recommend! 

You must certainly be aware (or perhaps not) that the number of characters allowed in invitation notes depends on your LinkedIn account type (Basic or Premium). La Growth Machine now adjusts the number of allowed characters accordingly. 

But here's the thing, with LinkedIn's 200 or 300 character limit (depending on your account) and your eager desire to use up every possible character, sometimes it can backfire. A longer-than-usual variable (like a double-barreled first name) and bam 💥, your campaign gets stuck on that lead. Annoying, right? 😑

🤿 So, we dove into the issue and found THE solution!

Once your campaign is up and running, La Growth Machine detects errors and allows you to correct them!

Here's how it works:
  1. Launch your campaign
  2. If an anomaly is detected, it's flagged under "Require your attention", to correct it click on "To review" 
  3. Modify your invitation text to reduce the character count

This way, your campaign can smoothly continue on its way 💪

Invite note too long.gif 1.48 MB

Easy, right?

Celebrating a Year of Growth: New Features and a Festive Surprise! 🎄

La Growth Machine is wrapping up the year with a bunch of awesome new features we've released in recent months:

  • Personalized Voice Messages
  • Magic Messages
  • Importing leads from your CRM
  • Importing leads based on a LinkedIn intent
  • Qualifying leads right from your inbox
  • Automatically detecting Out Of Office messages
  • Adding Zapier Triggers
  • New integrations
  • Refreshed interfaces


Guess what? It's all thanks to you! We're incredibly grateful for your feedback, which helps us keep improving and shaping our multi-channel prospecting solution.

To make your holiday season even merrier, we've got a little surprise just for you! We've added two new variables for your use in automated voice messages:
🎄 Happy holidays
✨ Best wishes

(Available in French, English, German and Spanish) 

It's super simple:

  1. Choose your variable intro, and our AI will generate the audio.
  2. Record the rest of your message.
    We'll blend your message and send a personalized Voice message to every lead in your campaign.
Merry Christmas all!

It's a thoughtful touch that'll leave a lasting impression, especially while you're likely indulging in some mouthwatering Yule log 🤤

Consider this our way of helping you sail smoothly through the end of the year.

We'll catch up with you next year, bringing even more exciting features to boost your conversations and create more opportunities!

Thanks a million for trusting us! 🚀🎉

Even more powerful Magic Messages with GPT4! 🚀

At La Growth Machine, we always keep a close eye on technological advancements, emerging innovations in the market, and the needs of our users.

😉 We understand that copywriting can often be the trickiest part, even though it's one of the most crucial components for starting a conversation.

So, when AI entered our lives, our first AI integration at LGM took the form of Magic Messages. 🪄

The promise: Generate all the messages for your LinkedIn and Email campaigns with just one click. Up to now, Magic Messages V1 relied on a ChatGPT3.5 prompt.

After conversing with our users, we thought we could make this feature even more fantastic by enhancing the prompt to provide even more tailored copywriting.

magicmessages.gif 13.37 MB

To elevate the quality, we reworked the prompt and switched to GPT4.

The result: even more impactful copywriting 💥

This feature is available in the PRO and ULTIMATE plans. 

Pharow x La Growth Machine: a brand-new native integration!

Pharow empowers you to craft super-focused prospect lists, enhance them, and seamlessly export them to the solution of your choice, including LGM.

In simpler terms, this means you can now:
  1. Craft razor-sharp prospect lists on Pharow 🎯
  2. Send them over to LGM with just a single click 👌

Now, by connecting your LGM API key in Pharow, you can effortlessly transfer the prospects you've identified in Pharow right into the perfect LGM audience.

It's as easy as pie!

With just a few clicks, you can tap into Pharow's targeting prowess and cook up some amazing multi-channel campaigns with us. 🚀

Brice explains you here how it works on LGM (French version video)

View from the Pharow interface :
From the Pharow interface


NEW: Launch campaigns based on a LinkedIn intent!

La Growth Machine is going all out on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a platform where you can implement different strategies, and there are two teams at play:

👉 Those who create value to reach their target audience.
👉Those who use the created value to identify interesting individuals and reach out to them.

Today, with LGM, you can launch campaigns with just a few clicks targeting:

❤️ People who have liked a post (yours, an influencer's, or even a competitor's... oops).
💬 People who have commented on a post (you got it).
📅 Attendees of a webinar (whether you're participating in or organizing it).
🏭 Followers of your company page.

And the best part? It's super easy!

How does it work?

  1. Connect your LinkedIn account to LGM.
  2. Create a new audience by clicking on "Import from LinkedIn."
  3. Select the source of the leads you're interested in:
    • Commented on a Post
    • Followed My Company
    • Attended An Event
    • Liked a Post
  4. Follow the instructions (copy and paste the post link or select your company page, for example).
  5. The list of people is imported into your audience.

Isn't it incredibly easy? 😄

These new features are available in all plans for Cloud users (beta).

La Growth Machine's Latest Innovation Will Leave You Voiceless

We now know that using voice messages leads to an average of 2.05 times more responses. Primarily because they allow you to stand out through: 
👉 Genuine human connection 
👉 The element of surprise due to their limited usage 
👉 A sense of exclusivity that makes automation invisible

But we believe that campaigns can be even more effective with personalized voice messages.

Automate + Personalize, What's Better?

Many of you have mentioned it: voice messages are fantastic. Still, adding a touch of personalization would be the icing on the cake.
Thanks to AI, it's now possible. You address each lead by their first name, all automated.

How does it work?

1 + 2 = 3
1/ Select your introduction and a custom variable, and AI generates the audio using your own voice.
2/ You record the rest of your voice message.
3/ We combine the two messages for a personalized send to each lead.
LGM Voice AI

This feature is available on all plans in beta version. It's an opportunity to test it out and form your own opinion 😉

Do you want to know more about how it works? Check out this article.

NEW: Import your leads directly from your CRM. 👌

Dear Hubspot & Pipedrive users, we heard you! 

We totally get it – you've been rocking your CRM game, keeping your contacts updated and it can be a real drag having to export those CSV files just to import them again into LGM. 

But guess what? Those days are gone! Now, you can import directly from your CRM. 👌

No more fussing around with CSV exports and imports – we're saving you time and energy from now on! 😉

How it works?

When importing leads into LGM, you can choose HubSpot or Pipedrive as your source.
  1.  Click on 'Import from CRM.
  2. Your CRM is automatically detected; if it isn't, you need to connect your CRM in your settings.
  3. Choose a list from your CRM to import.
You can import leads into La Growth Machine from the leads page or directly when you are creating a campaign.

If you haven't connected your CRM to La Growth Machine yet, now is the time to do it from your account settings.

To learn more, check out the FAQ for Hubspot or for Pipedrive.

This feature is available with the ULTIMATE plan.

Automatic Out Of Office Detection will save your summer... and more. ☀️

27% of the emails received by our users last summer were... Out Of Office emails. 😅 It's a significant portion of the messages received and it can mislead you about the performance of your campaign. We couldn't just leave you hanging like that! 🥵

This year, to ensure that you make the most of your summer, we are pleased to inform you that automatic Out Of Office detection is now available in LaGrowthMachine! 🎉

When an Out of Office email is detected, the next actions will be scheduled upon the lead's return, based on the date indicated in the email plus 3 days to allow them to settle back into their position.

How does it work?

It's so simple! Automatic detection of Out Of Office and rescheduling of all actions + 3 days are active starting the Pro plan. You can disable this function in your campaign settings.

👉 By unchecking the box, when LaGrowthMachine detects an OOO message, the campaign will stop for the lead detected as OOO (Out Of Office), but the messages will not be rescheduled.

To have a clearer understanding and enjoy your sunny vacation with peace of mind, Brice explains everything in this video:

Out Of Office detection

Harness the power of lead qualification in Hubspot and Pipedrive with the new Zapier trigger!

You've got it! We're thrilled that you're already familiar with the ability to qualify your leads using tags. It's a game-changer! 🔥

Now, let's take it up a notch. Syncing those valuable tags with your CRM is the next big step, and we've got just the solution for you. Our latest Zapier trigger enables you to effortlessly transmit this information directly to your CRM. You can get started right away and discover your tags seamlessly integrated into HubSpot or Pipedrive.

But hold on, there's even more good news!  If you're not using the CRM's built-in sync or Zapier, but prefer using our APIs to push LGM information into your system, no worries at all! You'll be delighted to know that you can easily find the lead tag in our super handy "Update lead status" API. Happy tagging!

Just imagine the possibilities! 🤩 With lead qualification at your fingertips, you can create unlimited workflows.

Trigger Zapier - Change tag.gif 5.95 MB
New Improved
about 1 year ago

Introducing a fresh menu for better clarity! 👀

Hey there! Noticed something different on LaGrowthMachine but can't quite pinpoint it? 👀

Well, it's all about the menu! 🎉

We've given the sidebar a makeover to make your life easier! Now, you'll have no trouble finding what you need. Your settings and invoices are just a click away when you tap on your photo. The best part?  Logging out is a breeze too - simply click on your avatar. No more hunting around for that pesky logout button!

menu.gif 610.38 KB

Add a lead to an audience easily from the lead sidebar 👌

Available on the Campaign interfaces, the LGM messaging platform, and the Leads page, you'll find the lead sidebar. 

It's a handy feature that displays all the important details about a lead, including their bio, email address, website, job title, and current audience. You can easily update this information or add a note, which is super useful for keeping track of important details. But hey, you already knew that! 😉

🤩 Now, here's the exciting news: you can add the lead to another audience directly from the lead sidebar! It's as simple as clicking on "Add lead to Audience" and choosing the audience you want.

This convenient feature allows you to launch a more tailored campaign for the lead or follow up with them in a personalized way. How cool is that? 😎

lead aside.gif 1.59 MB

A new filter, 'Lead's campaign status' is now available 🎉

Qualifying leads is seriously awesome! 🤩
And you know what's even cooler? Being able to easily group them by status and instantly see what each category is all about.

Here's the best part: LaGrowthMachine has got you covered! You can filter lead qualification tags right from the 'Leads' page. 👌

So, how does it work?
It's a piece of cake! Just hop over to the 'Leads' interface, add a new filter, select 'Lead's campaign status,' and pick your desired tag. Voila! Your leads list will magically get filtered according to your query. Pretty smart, huh?

filtre leads by status.gif 1.45 MB
New Improved
about 1 year ago

Qualify a lead directly from a message in the LGM inbox 👌

Here we are! 🔥

A few weeks ago, during LaGrowthRelease, we shared some exciting news with you. We introduced three fantastic updates, and one of them allows you to qualify your leads using tags, making it easier to measure and analyze the results of your campaigns. You could do this right within the « Campaign » interface.

The thing is, like 99% of people, you probably need to qualify a lead based on their response to one of your solicitations. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got back to work to make your qualification process even smoother.

Guess what? Now you can qualify the relevance of your leads directly from the LGM inbox! Isn't that amazing? 😍

How does it work?
To qualify a lead from the inbox, it's very simple. Go to the conversation of your choice and select the tag that best corresponds to one of the categories: Replied, Won, or Lost. A list of tags will appear, allowing you to personally qualify the lead according to your criteria.

qualify inbox.gif 3.13 MB

Experience the magic of AI generated messages 🧙🏻‍♂️

🫡 Our mission at LaGrowthMachine is to enable everyone to build effective sales automation sequences in minimum time.

The rise of AI, particularly ChatGPT, has allowed us to work on an exciting new feature: Magic Messages! 🧙🏻‍♂️

With Magic Messages, you can launch your campaign in just a few minutes by generating personalized and relevant messages for your prospects.

When building your sequence, you can:

  • Describe your product, keys benefits, buyer personas, language, and tone
  • Generate all your messages at once (e.g. invitation notes, LinkedIn DMs, emails, follow-ups)
  • Generate only messages you need
  • Save messages as templates to be reused later

This feature is available starting from the PRO package. You will receive 💯 credits per identity. Need more credits? Contact support, apparently they're friendly...

To learn more, check out the FAQ here.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork: Tag Your Leads and Measure Campaign Success

Launching a campaign and getting many responses is good. Understanding if these responses are good for your business is MUCH better. 🔥

Since April 27th, 2023, LGM gives you the ability to directly qualify your leads with a tag to measure and analyze the results of your campaigns more accurately. With lead qualification by tag, identify the most promising leads and focus on them.

1/ Qualify the leads of your campaign and identify at a glance the leads that you must not let go of.

The leads who responded to your campaign get tagged as To Qualify. Different tags are available to qualify a lead within a campaign.
leadqual.gif 6.95 MB

2/ Analyze your returns more accurately

You can now distinguish "automatic" responses from responses that bring real value.
analyseleadqual.png 435.27 KB

To learn more about Lead Qualification Tag, check out the FAQ here.

'Select All' is now available on the "Leads" interface!

'Select All' is now available on the "Leads" interface to make lead management easier and save you time! ⏳

You can now perform various bulk actions:

  • Add these leads to another audience
  • Remove these leads from the audience
  • Move these leads to another audience

Lead interface: some UX improvements to make your life easier! 👌

At LaGrowthMachine, user experience is our top priority. That's why we recently made improvements to the Leads interface, including updating the lead form.

These UX improvements make it easier and faster for you to access all the information you need to track and manage your leads. You can now identify the status of your leads in a campaign at a glance.👀

We've also made the same changes to the Inbox page for better alignment.

Lead Interface

To improve ease of access and user comfort, we have relocated the filters bar from its original position on the left-hand side of the interface to the top of the interface.

Search Bar
New Improved
over 1 year ago

Use the Unsub and Resub information in your favorite tools!

Some time ago, we announced the ability to unsubscribe or resubscribe a lead directly from LaGrowthMachine. But we didn't stop there! 💪

To help you use this data with your favorite software, we have added two new triggers (Unsub + Resub) that allow LaGrowthMachine to activate a Zap, enabling you to retrieve the information in a external software.

'Unsub' and 'Resub' Triggers

The 'Unsub' action has also been added to Zapier. This action will allow you to trigger new actions directly from your external software.

'Unsub' action

We also added the unsubscribe attribute to our API in the 'update lead status' part.


Leads interface: new informations available

We understand that segmenting your audience can be a very long and tedious process 😩. That's why we've been working on ways to make your audience preparation more efficient.

📈A Lead interface that evolves

With this in mind, we have added two new columns to the 'Lead' interface that will enhance your lead management experience.

You will be able to :
- View the lead's last contact date
- View the last reply date and message
- Reply in one click by redirecting to the conversation in the LGM inbox

New columns in the leads interface

🪄...with new filters! 

The Lead interface has been improved with new filters that will allow you to precisely sort the actions of your leads.
The 'Replied' and 'Contacted' columns can now be sorted according to the following actions:
- Not replied
- Replied
- Not contacted
- Contacted

New filters

You can also use the new 'campaign' filter to identify which campaign(s) your leads are associated with.

Campaign filter

Unsubscribe link: some improvements that change the game

 🖐 Unsub and resub a lead manually 

After several marketing relaunch, your prospect still does not respond? Or your prospect has clearly expressed that he is not interested, at least for the moment? To avoid contacting him again and again and losing him permanently, you can manually unsubscribe him from your future communications. 

The manual unsubscription is possible from the 'Leads' interface as shown in the following video:
Unsub from 'Leads' interface

Or directly from the LGM inbox:
From the LGM Inbox

A new product, a new feature or a new professional opportunity that matches your lead's expectations? It is also possible to resubscribe a lead manually from the 'Leads' interface:
Resub a lead from the 'leads' interface

Or directly from the LGM inbox:

Please note that in order to be GDPR compliant and respect everyone's choices, you can only resubscribe leads who were manually unsubscribed. If a lead has unsubscribed themselves (by clicking the Unsubscribe link in your emails), you will not be able to send them any further communication or resubscribe them.

 ⚡️New filters available

Check the status of your leads easily with our new filters! You can now filter by subscription type directly from the 'Leads' interface:

Or display in the LGM inbox all Unsub leads with whom you have a conversation: 

A lead has unsubscribed from your communications? You are informed directly in the inbox thanks to an informative message. 


🔄 Status are now synchronized in your CRM

A lead has clicked on the unsub link? You have unsubbed then resubbed a lead? All actions performed automatically generate logs in your CRM. This gives you access to the status history of your leads.

New Improved
over 1 year ago

Unsubscribe link: Now available on LaGrowthMachine!

💌 Insert an unsubscribe link in your messages 

Leads are sometimes grumpy 😑 and don't want to receive your emails anymore. To respect everyone's choices (and be GDPR compliant), it's important to give them the option to unsubscribe from your emails. 
And now, that's possible on LaGrowthMachine. 🎉

🤔 How does the unsubscribe link work? 

It's really easy! All you need to do is click on the 'Stop message' icon, as shown below, and then click on 'Confirm Unsubscribe link'. This will allow the lead to unsubscribe from your emails (GDPR compliant) and they will be tagged as an 'unsubscribed' lead.

Please note that if a lead unsubscribes, you will no longer be able to contact them, even if you add them to another campaign.

For more informations about this feature, please check our FAQ

New Improved
over 1 year ago

LGM inbox : Voice Messages & CRM Synchronization

🔄 Synchronize all messages sent from LGM Inbox to your CRM

Sales Team spend half of their time in their CRM 🤯. We acknowledged that, and updated our CRM sync feature. From now on, you'll find all your LGM inbox (DM and Email) conversations in your CRM, automatically sync'd. PS: It works for both Hubspot and Pipedrive, without any actions on your side to activate it.

You don't want to centralize all your messages in your CRM ? You can desynchronize conversations from LGM Inbox in 1 click.

👄 Send Voice Messages from LGM inbox 

Have you tried automated voice messages in your prospecting sequences ? Our users gets an average of 2x more replies when using them 😎. Now you can send Voice messages from LGM inbox ! How ? Just heads up to your Inbox, choose a conversation and you'll see a new "Voice Message" button.

Screen Cast 2023-01-03 at 12.03.53 PM.gif 360.43 KB
New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Save Time with the new LGM Inbox Message Templates !

Are you tired of copying the same messages over and over again ? If you dreamed message templates for LGM Inbox, they dream no more 🥳 We just released it !

Create LinkedIn and Email templates straight from the Inbox, answer faster than ever.
1 - Create your template, using lead or identities variables
2 - Name and save your template
3 - Templates are available company wide ! All your team members can use them, from their LGM Inbox.

templates inbox.gif 1.25 MB

Magic Link : A simpler way to Connect your Widget

Magic what ? Magic Link ! It’s the new "password-less" login for your widget. Starting today, you won’t have to enter your username + password on the widget anymore. If your widget is disconnected, just click on the "Login with Browser" button, you will be redirect to your browser.
  1. If you’re connected on your browser, you will be automatically logged in on your widget 👌🏾
  2. If you aren't, connect on your browser & you will be automatically logged in on the webapp & your widget at the same time 👌🏾

Fixes and improvements

  • Notifications pop up does not appear in the LGM Inbox pages anymore.
  • Fixes on LGM Inbox : some conversations weren’t sync
New Improved
over 1 year ago

LGM Inbox, 1st multi-channel mailbox, go live for everyone !

Every messages (email / Linkedin) are now centralized in 1 inbox ! Reply to your leads, whether they answered by email or on LinkedIn.
When did you start the conversation ? what did you discuss ? on Linkedin or by email ? when did he accept your contact request ? You'll get all your lead's info you need, straight in the conversation

LGM Inbox

Pro tips :
  • Be Sharp & Organized : Use the Snooze feature, and never forget "Mr. Smith, on holiday until October 17" 
  • Urgent ? Important ? Both ?: sometimes, you want to make sure the conversation stays "active". No problem, bookmark the conversation to pin it to the top.

New features for the LGM Inbox

Thanks to feedbacks from our 100 beta testers, we add some features to the LGM Inbox to help you, improve your inbox experience and save you time.
  • You can add your signature to your email from your inbox
  • Display Preview Link
  • You can filter your conversation with new filters : read / unread
  • You can add attachments to your email from your inbox
  • You can add images to your DM from your inbox
  • You have new shortcut : Cmd + ENTER to send message faster
  • Auto-resizing when you write your emails
💡 If you need improvement on your inbox, don’t forget to tell us here

Setup your email settings at the campaign level

Your settings might change according to the target audience. This is even more important with team management since potentially several type of users/identities might start to build campaigns in the same account. So now, you can choose your email settings at the campaign level and not at the account level anymore.

Email settings

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes on the widget
  • You have no issue anymore to import leads from Linkedin
  • When you build your campaign, now you can click on your links in the preview mode
  • Your DM stats on the activity page are now fixes
  • Some people could not register their Gmail signature, now they can
  • No more delay in the synchronisation of certain actions in Hubspot
  • We limit the Outlook permissions asked to the minimum required
New Improved
about 2 years ago

More Features to Analyze & Improve your Campaigns !

👀 Watch our 2"30 release note video 🇺🇸 in English or 🇫🇷 French

Compare Campaigns Statistics at a Glance

We just created the "Reports" page. It's an analytics dashboard where you can view & compare your campaigns' performances, including their open / reply / bounce...rates. It's now easier to visually compare the stats of your campaign. Better analysis means it becomes easier for you to identify what works and should be scaled VS what should be stopped 🤘

New "Report" Dashboard!

PRO tips: You can pin your favorite campaigns to quickly analyze their evolution (toggle on "only pinned campaigns" to filter on those campaigns).

Explicit info about the campaign progress

When you launch your campaign, you want to know what happens, where your leads are stuck or when it will finish. Well, it's now easier than ever with our new "Campaign Activity" page 🤩. For each step in your campaign, you can now see the number of leads who passed this step, the number of leads who took this or that branch, the associated stat for each branch, etc.

And in a very "visual" way 🥳

Beautiful new stats!

To go further, we also added the new "Completed" lead status. Leads marked as "Completed"  are leads who...completed the whole sequence without any answer. You'll be able to filter & display those leads to understand leads who didn't reply and for whom you don't have any actions planned in the future (maybe it's time for a quick call 📞 ?).

New Email Condition : "If bounced...then"

New "If Bounce" Condition

LGM enrich your leads to find their professional email addresses. But sometimes, some emails will "bounce". Being able to identify those leads, and move them to another branch (let's say...send a LinkedIn DM instead of an email ?) can help you get more replies, easily.

That's now feasible with our new condition "If bounced".

A New in-app Help center

In-App Help Center!

Open LGM, look at the bottom left of your screen, and you'll find a new widget. In this section, you'll find everything you need/want to know about LaGrowthMachine: articles, faq, help, chat, bug report, roadmap, product update...everything is now centralized into a single, simple place.

Fixes and improvements
  • Your stats on the activity page are now fixes and reliable
  • Your Linkedin replies are all detected
  • You can send your replies content again with Zapier
  • You can update the Pipedrive CRMid of your leads
  • A new lead statut : Completed for all leads who finished the campaign without reply

Improved Fixed
over 2 years ago

New Filters: It's easier to analyze your leads

With the new filters, you can have more informations about your leads:
  • Which leads open/click/reply to one message or many messages. 
  • How many time a lead open or click your messages.
  • Since when you are in relation on Linkedin.
  • Which leads bounced.
  • & more!
And now, if a lead replied, you can see directly in your app the lead's reply content. All those data can be exported in a csv. Go analyze your campaigns!

New filters in the Campaign Activity

Fixes and improvements
  • You can select all your audience and update it in one click in the new activity page. You're done with the updates page by page.
  • You can export your audience again.
  • You can save your fields mapping with Pipedrive again.
  • Your stats are fixed and reliable. 
  • You can import leads from a Linkedin Search again.
  • You can find the API documentation in the "Integrations & API" tab.
  • You can switch your teammates allocation widgets again.
New Improved
over 2 years ago

Going further in your outbound strategy

(1) Automate Voice Messages in Linkedin

Have you noticed you can send Voice Messages in Linkedin? Everyone is used to the classic outbound strategy via email or direct messages, but Voice Messages are rather new and yet unexplored. It is the perfect way to distinguish yourself from the competition and improve your reply rate.

Even better, with LaGrowthMachine you can automate your Voice Messages! And, we made it accessible to all our plans. When you select a template with a Linkedin Send Message block, you can easily convert it into a Send Voice block (and vice-versa).

Voice is definitely the new "Cold Call". Try it out in your LaGrowthMachine outbound campaigns >>>

Automate Voice Messages in Linkedin

(2) Check your campaign Engagement at a glance

Your statistics have a new look but not only! In this new view, we highlight for you the key figures of your campaigns: discover your conversion funnel step by step, visualize your invites acceptation rate and identify our best performing network. 
And to go further, for each statistic, discover if it is considered a good or a bad performance. We will even share some tips to improve your campaign performance accordingly.

Check your campaign Engagement at a glance

Fixes and improvements
  • Your duplicate leads are merged instead of being deleted
  • You only receive the notification for Linkedin lost connection when it's true
  • Your email open rate is reliable again
  • Your email SMTP connection is not rebooted when you reboot your widget anymore
  • Your bounced emails from leads using Outlook are properly identified
  • You will get an alert if the Pipedrive synchronisation is lost
  • Your triggers to update a lead lifecycle in Hubspot are fixed
  • You can use the button "Ask For Campaign Review" when launching your campaign
  • You can import your leads from the Campaigns > Overview tab in a csv file
  • You can use the condition "When Followed Back" again for your Twitter actions

Improve your email deliverability

(1) Setup your custom tracking domain

Tracking domains are a good way to improve the quality of your email outbound simply because it fuels your analytics. But, what's the point if it also decreases your deliverability in return? Indeed, using default tracking domains can often be counter-productive.

With the introduction of custom tracking domains in LaGrowthMachine, you can now track your email open rate / click rate and build your email reputation in the same time.

Why and how to setup a custom domain tracking >>>

(2) Sanity check at your fingertips

Thanks to the notification center, you now know if any action is required to improve the performance of your campaigns with LaGrowthMachine. 

Here are all the alert types you can get to help you manage your account:
  • Your widget is closed or you never installed it
  • You're running on a previous version of the widget
  • Your identity is disconnected from a network
  • Your identity doesn't have any widget allocated to it
  • Your identity is currently sleeping
  • You have a billing issue

Fixes and improvements
  • The number of campaigns for STARTER and PRO plans only considers the running campaigns for the limits
  • The actions planned for a lead are canceled if the lead is deleted from the audience used in the campaign
  • The email to invite a teammate is fixed and redirects to the right URL
  • The DKIM check returns the right answer in the app (confirmed or not)
  • The widget is correctly identified during the onboarding phase too
  • The self-service to upgrade your plan is fixed

Collaborate better with teams

(1) Invite new teammates into your organization

If you're not only using your own identity in LaGrowthMachine, but also the one of your colleagues or customers, then this is for you! With the introduction of teams, you can now invite teammates into your organization. 

All the teammates will then be able to:
  • Import leads, 
  • Access the campaigns, 
  • Manage the identities,
  • Run the campaigns on their widget.
And, you won't need to share your passwords across colleagues anymore to do all of that!

(2) Professionalize your emails with a signature 

What's an email without a proper signature? Well, you can now create yours in LaGrowthMachine and use it in all your campaigns. 
If you prefer to import the one you already use in Gmail, it's also possible.

(3) Preview your messages directly in app

"Ouch, I've launched my campaign with the wrong variable". This is now a problem from the past: preview your messages content easily in LaGrowthMachine and prevent errors.
Visualize your content, check the typos and test the variables for any lead in your audience.

Fixes and improvements
  • You can connect an OVH email address using the SMTP method
  • You will be disconnected from your email account if you update your SMTP code
  • Leads import via CSV is fixed
  • When you import a duplicate lead, you can decide to update all or only the empty values
  • Removing a duplicate lead doesn't delete it from the audience
  • Leads imported via Zapier/API are not stuck to the START step anymore
  • Leads in Hubspot will be updated after the enrichment step from LaGrowthMachine
  • You can upgrade from PRO to BUSINESS using self-service

New Improved Fixed
over 2 years ago

Outlook/Office 365 Native Support

Connect your Outlook/Office 365 email
You can now use Outlook natively within LaGrowthMachine. While you could already connect Outlook accounts using SMTP, this native integration with Outlook will be a lot easier to use :
- Log in and authorize LaGrowthMachine to send on your behalf
- Done
Connect Outlook Natively

Fixes and improvements
- Added {{CRMid}} in the payload of Webhooks and our APIs
- Added {{phone}}, {{proEmail}}, {{persoEmail}}, {{linkedinUrl}} and {{crmId}} as variables availables in messages templating
- Fixed email notifications after reaching LinkedIn limits that were sent too many times
- Fixed duplicate management of leads imported via CSV

New Improved Fixed
over 2 years ago

Automating any email using SMTP

Automate with any email provider you want via SMTP
LaGrowthMachine now supports automation from all email providers via SMTP.

Enter your email and password, use the Automatic Setup, and let the magic happen!
Connect anything via SMTP!

Using OVH? Outlook? You can now do automation via LaGrowthMachine!

Head to the identity Tab to connect via SMTP!

Fixes and improvements
- Added support of LinkedIn accounts that have multiple licenses (Sales Navigator, Recruiter, etc...)
- Added synchronization of Twitter DM in Hubspot and Pipedrive
- Fixed logging of Contact Requests sent via import in Hubspot and Pipedrive 
- Fixed ability to close the widget on Mac
- Fixed primacy of imported data over enriched data
New Improved
over 2 years ago

Connect anything with Zapier!

Using LGM's Zapier application

Zapier allows you to connect any tools you use with LaGrowthMachine.
So many possibilities!

It enables so many possibilities within LGM :
- Automatically retarget your leads on Facebook/Instagram
- Connect LeadFeeder with LGM to get more leads
- Synchronize everything happening in LGM within Salesforce
- Build a custom CRM with AirTable

Available for all Pro and Business users, you can trigger a Zap any time : 
  • A lead is enriched
  • A LinkedIn DM is sent
  • Somebody accepts you on LinkedIn
  • Somebody replies on LinkedIn and Email
Or do actions such as : 
  • Automatically create or update a lead in LGM
  • Stop the campaign on a Lead

Your imagination is the limit. For more information on the LGM's Zapier App, check it out here
Improved Fixed
almost 3 years ago

Queue, Preview and other fixes

New Queueing systems
Not very glamourous, but we've been hard at work revamping our action management system (i.e. Queue) so we may handle more clients over time.

This means for you :
- More actions done daily
- Faster synchronization with Hubspot/Pipedrive
- Better synchronization of stats

It's all hidden - but it's all for the better!

Preview view copying messages
Copying messages from multiple campaigns used to be a pain as you could preview the message you'd copy - just its title.

You'll now have access to a preview of the message
Much easier!

Fixes and improvements
- Fixed daily email capping
- Added logging in Hubspot and Pipedrive when a lead is paused
- Fixed stability of Gsuite token
- Fixed LinkedIn identity showing as disconnected when was not disconnected
- Fixed tracking of clicks on email - when two links were provided, only the first one was tracked
- Transitioned external APIs to the APIv2

New Improved Fixed
almost 3 years ago

SPF / DKIM Verifications

SPF/DKIM automatic checks
LaGrowthMachine will send emails on your behalf via your Gsuite/Gmail account. But if some technical parameters are not properly set up, most of your emails will end up in spam.

LaGrowthMachine now automatically alerts you if these very important certificates are not set up.
Oh something is wrong!

Head to the Identity Tab to check your setup and receive the appropriate guidelines

Fixes and improvements
- Improvement management of duplicate in Hubspot and Pipedrive using firstname, lastname and companyName
- Fixed saving of sequences when saved multiple times
- Fixed sending email in the same thread that could fail 
- Fixed titles of copied messages
New Improved Fixed
almost 3 years ago

LGM is finally fully open!


After two years of simplifying LaGrowthMachine, we've finally reached a point where we believe LGM is simple enough for anybody to use. You can now register and immediately access LGM! So long mandatory onboardings!
Step 1 : download the widget!

Product Tours
New product tours and inApp notifications have been added to help you get the most of LGM.

Product tours are not designed only for new users. We've added some automated insights you'll discover along the way!
Powerful insight - Automated!

Fixes and improvements
- Campaigns are now paused instead of stopped when a license is canceled
- Fixed custom ending when using Webhooks
- Improved support of special characters in Pipedrive
- Fixed synchronization of leads in Hubspot/Pipedrive with Lead matching not set up
- Fixed synchronization of Lifecycle in Hubspot if not respecting the recommended order
New Improved Fixed
almost 3 years ago

New pricing & simpler interface

Introducing the Starter, Pro, and Business plans
For the past two years, a single pricing existed on LGM: all-inclusive 220€/month

As we add new users and new features, we realized we need to include simpler plans to accommodate every need

Plans for every stage

Merging Campaign and sequence together
These two concepts are too similar and we noticed it created some confusion when you were first using LGM. We've merged both into a single experience that is much smoother for first-time users!

Request a review (BUSINESS plan only)
As you know, 80% of what makes the success of an outbound campaign is its segmentation and copywriting. You can now request a review to verify just that. Our dedicated strategy support is a new key feature to help you succeed. Whenever you request a review, a dedicated outreach specialist will be assigned to make sure what you've built is up to the best standards.

Request a review

Fixes and improvements
- Fixed stats not loading for old campaigns
- Corrected VTA billing for non-French companies
- Fixed ability to find leads in no audience
- Improved support of lifecycle updates in Hubspot/Pipedrive with Email Open & Email Click triggers
- Added the content of the email in the logs synchronized in Hubspot/Pipedrive
- Added the content of the note in the log synchronized in Hubspot/Pipedrive
- Fixed the synchronization of phone numbers in Pipedrive
- Fixed the allocation of messages when a sequence is duplicated
- Fixed visibility of daily stats in the Identity tab
- Fixed preview of messages in the Engagement tab
- Improved synchronization of every single email opens in LGM
- Fixed stopping a lead so they may not re-enter a campaign

Working around the LinkedIn limits

New restriction, new work-around

Last month, LinkedIn enforced globally what was already introduced way back in November : 
  • If you send too many requests, you may be limited for the ongoing week
  • Limitations may start at around 100 requests per week
Our data show that it's not a generic rule :
  • 32% of LGM users sent more than 100 requests last week
  • 44% have not been limited at all despite activity
  • Limitations reset every Sunday
But the best news, there is a workaround!

If you send connection requests by uploading a batch of emails corresponding to your lead's LinkedIn signup email, these connection requests will NOT count on your quota. Our role at LaGrowthMachine is to enable you to create the best strategies without having to worry about the tech!

And we've built that new feature with this in mind.

Here's how it works : 
  1. If you're sending a connection request without a note, we will now automatically search for their sign-up email.
  2. If the email is found, we send a connection request that will not impact your quota.
  3. If not, a normal connection request is sent.
For more info on this new feature, read our dedicated guide
New Improved
over 3 years ago

Simplified Sequence Builder

Create sequence 10 times faster
LaGrowthMachine's workflow was already great. You could build powerful multichannel sequences on a single platform. But it was also kind of clunky : 
  • They were a lot of tiles to build a single workflows
  • It was easy to make mistakes or miss a condition
In all, some of you were afraid to use it!

+30 standard sequence now available
Most of you don't need custom sequences - 80% of the time, you'll need standard sequences, that send a couple of emails before falling back on LinkedIn for example. Template sequences are built with that in mind.

We've created +30 standard sequences, curated from the best practices we've seen across our users. Copy them, input your message, and you're ready for launch!
Many possibilities

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